Light Channels - Fitzgibbons

1002 E. Houston St.

Directions to this stop: Start your trip into the Eastside by taking Houston St. east from downtown.  First stop is under the I-37 overpass bridge.

Light Channels

ARTIST: Bill FitzGibbons      DATE: 2006

Light Channels was jointly funded through the Texas Department of Transportation, Bexar County, City of San Antonio, and the St. Paul Square Association, Inc. The installation is best viewed after dark. After the underpass columns were painted sky-blue, Bill FitzGibbons installed exterior columns capped with perforated metal finials on each side, resulting in a colonnade effect. LED lighting underneath the bridges at both Houston and Commerce St. exits reflects slowly-changing patterns of color onto columns, sidewalks, and walls. With this project, the artist hopes to transform an urban barrier into a passage that welcomes visitors, encourages citizens to travel to areas of new development, and provides design solutions resulting in a 24-hour enhanced environment.

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